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Bilingual Vocabulary for Governance, Public Policy & Administration


Bilingual Vocabulary for Governance, Public Policy & Administration was released in November, 2010.

591 pp., soft cover, durable Smyth Sewn binding,
ISBN 978-0-9866142-0-0
Published and printed in Canada

Price: $34.95

French and English are Canada’s official languages. There is growing emphasis on the use of official languages in the Canadian public sector as the language of work and to provide public services.


Strengthening the bilingual capacity of Canadian jurisdictions at the federal, provincial and municipal levels promotes our national identity.

Bilingual Vocabulary for Governance, Public Policy & Administration is an essential tool to assist those working in and around governments in Canada to develop, improve and retain their skills in French and English. It is ideal for individual learning, both during academic terms and as a continuous learning resource; and it is highly-suited as a curriculum resource in language classes.  
The book’s focus on practical bilingual vocabulary will appeal to many people working in the Canadian public sector, or aspiring to do so. It is a unique reference covering a wide range of topics, for example:

Bullet Governance – democracy, the Constitution, Parliament, parliamentary business, political parties, elections, judiciary, laws and regulations, public finance, Canada as a nation and citizen engagement;

Bullet Public policy - the economy, employment, poverty, education, health, disaster management, science and innovation, energy, cities, Aboriginal peoples, law and order, immigration, foreign relations, security, peace and defence, development assistance, human rights, sustainable development and the environment, and global warming;

Bullet Administration - authority and accountability, departmental management, change management, human resources, labour relations, diversity, quality services, project management, corporate planning, policy development, public communications, risk management, procurement, program evaluation, internal audit, IT.

Bilingual Vocabulary for Governance, Public Policy & Administration consists of ninety chapters on different aspects of modern public administration. Every chapter includes three sections about the theme of the chapter:

Bullet Nouns and phrases/Noms et expressions - a list of nouns and phrases commonly used in relation to the theme of the chapter, and text boxes highlighting, for example, Canadian legislation, organizational names, current issues, and management practices related to the topic;

Bullet Useful verbs/Verbes pratiques – an alphabetical list of verbs commonly used in relation to the topic of the chapter;

Bullet Words in action/Paroles en action – a narrative section of 150 - 250 words containing timely commentary and reflections about some aspect of the theme of the chapter to support the book’s instructional purposes.