Dick de Jong has a master’s degree in social policy and administration from the School of Social Work, Carleton University. He worked for more than thirty years in the Canadian public sector. He was executive director, strategic planning and policy development, Alberta Social Services and Community Health. He also held various positions at the federal level with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Canadian International Development Agency, and Treasury Board Secretariat. His most recent positions were as director general, Health Canada, and acting chief operating officer of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

He is co-author with Dr. Leonard Rutman of Federal Level Evaluation (Carleton University, 1976), co-author with Dr. Ron St.John et.al. of “Border Screening for SARS” in the Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2004. He was the architect and lead author of the Treasury Board publication, Framework for Alternative Program Delivery (1996).

He is now retired and living in Ottawa.